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Member of Aging Life Care Association, Society of Certified Senior Advisors


Jackson-Brown Associates, LLC, has two divisions – Care Management and Project Management. Both divisions center on issues and projects that impact the lives of seniors and their loved ones to enhance quality of life.

We use a “client-specific approach” to the work we do.

Care Management

Our focus is on the senior (and individuals with disabilities) and the caregiver. In many ways, we are the “caregiver’s caregiver.” Our aim is to reduce caregiver stress, achieve an effective care team, and guide seniors and their loved ones through the maze of aging challenges.

  • Housing – helping families evaluate and select appropriate level of housing or residential options
  • Home care services – determining types of services that are right for a client and assisting the family to engage and monitor services
  • Medical management – attending doctor appointments, facilitating communication between doctor, client, and family, and if appropriate, monitoring client’s adherence to medical orders and instructions
  • Communication – keeping family members and professionals informed about the well-being and changing needs of the client
  • Social activities – providing opportunities for the client to engage in social, recreational, or cultural activities that enrich quality of life
  • Legal – referring to or consulting with elder law attorney
  • Financial – may include reviewing or overseeing bill paying or consulting with accountants or reviewing a client’s power of attorney (financial and health)
  • Entitlements – providing information on Federal and state entitlements; connecting families to local programs
  • Safety and security – monitoring in-home safety; recommending technologies to add to security or safety; observing changes and potential risks of exploitation or abuse

Project Management

We assist individuals, organizations, and companies in planning, understanding, and achieving a desired goal, which means completing “a project.” The majority of our projects focus on seniors. A few examples of projects we’ve handled:

  • Planned and oversaw the de-cluttering/downsizing of homes
  • Coordinated a relocation, including facilitating the senior’s resettlement
  • Guided the retrofitting of a house with chairlift, ramp, safety bars
  • Assisted a senior in organizing personal papers, including coaching in how to set-up and maintain a medication management system
  • Identified a behind-the-wheel driving assessment provider to assist a physician in determining a senior’s physical ability to drive
  • Helped a senior to re-new an expired driving license; guided the senior through the renewal process, purchase of a new car, and sale of an old one
  • Identified a special swimming and golf program for an amputee; arranged the lessons, set-up transportation and handled all the logistics
  • Assisted seniors with Medicare and Medicaid applications and filings
  • Solved a senior’s struggle with managing incontinence
  • Arranged trips and vacations for physically challenged seniors
  • Edited a book chronicling a senior’s life

The Benefits of Using Our Services

  • Personalized and compassionate service – focusing on the individual’s wants and needs
  • Accessibility – care is typically available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Continuity of care – communications are coordinated between family members, and medical and non-medical service providers
  • Cost containment – inappropriate placements, duplication of services, and unnecessary hospitalizations are avoided, or at least, minimized
  • Quality control – professional Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics are followed.

Our Standards in Delivering Service

The standards of practice for professional geriatric care managers set by the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA) (formerly the Mid-Atlantic Professional Geriatric Care Managers Inc.) are followed as are the professional standards of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors (www.csa.us). In addition, project management practices and standards are consistently applied as established by the Project Management Institute (www.pmi.org).

Who Uses Our Services

Individuals. Families. Banks and Trust Officers. Physicians. Attorneys. Realtors. Financial Planners. Hospitals. Clergy. Employee Assistance Programs. Therapists. Home Care Agencies. Assisted Living and Senior Community Residences. Long-distance caregivers. Family and paid caregivers.

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